Suburban Girl Eats: From Big City Eats to Hometown Favourites

August 28, 2012

From the pie hole

I like to describe myself as a closeted foodie. 

The kind of person who can eat a mediocre hamburger without bursting into tears, but get me talking food and you might not hear the end of it. When asked what one thing I wanted to do in Toronto was, my answer was undoubtedly to find a good (and student budget-friendly) sangria. 

My claim to fame in my circle of friends has always been food. If there is a bake sale around the university, you can count on some gourmet cupcakes. My television schedule is so jam-packed with foodie tv that I convinced my roommate that the premium cable package was not only awesome, but a necessity. And don't get me started on the Eat Street app. You want to find a food truck? You ask me.

Made for the graduating class of 2012. 

This blog was spurred by my mother who so lovingly suggested I find another hobby. One that didn't include "putting things in my pie hole". 

Motherly love...

I began blogging in high school, and revisited that love during my internships at rock-it promotions. Being a suburban girl, my summers were not only spent boosting my resume, but navigating the TTC system (and their delays), breaking in killer shoes pounding the pavement of Queen West and finding/ trying/ raving about the restaurants of the city. 

So from my pie hole comes Suburban Girl Eats. I will chronicle some of my favourite finds from the big city and back here in suburbia- should you be brave enough to endure the commute!