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October 3, 2012

Urban: La Carnita

A war is brewing in the city, and its all about tacos.  I'm an eater, not a fighter, but in this case I wasn't playing Sweden; so I headed down to La Carnita for some delicious tacos, a hip atmosphere and damn strong margaritas. 

La Carnita not only has a cool vibe- from chicken coop-inspired lighting fixtures to pumping hip hop- but a pretty rocking story too. Starting as a pop-up, those that braved the line could buy a limited-edition print for $10 of their signature meathead. The art was, of course, served up with a side of two tacos. Talk about sticking it to the health enforcement man. You can now find their brick and mortar on College and Palmerstone.

My American citizenship may get revoked saying this but, I pledge allegiance to the flag of La Carnita. In Cod We Trust is my motto and go-to taco, with no visit complete without a bite of your own, or stolen from your dining buddy. The chorizo is equally flavourful, but good luck getting it in your mouth and not all over the plate. Messy < delicious. 

Feeling more adventurous? I keep my eyes glued to Twitter for their specials, like the octopus tostado. Served room temperature, this baby is piled high with chunky guac, heirloom tomato salsa and chili oil, plus enough octupus to make my white-bread sister have a mild panic attack. (Needless to say, she stuck with the chicken tacos, only after being convinced that green cabbage wouldn't kill her. *Sassy eye roll*)

This is but only a cue to order another margarita. Hey, sometimes you've had that kind of week- and I certainly had between running Orientation for my university and a relationship status shake-up- and you thank the heavens that La Carnita knows how to make a strong one. Made with Tromba Tequila, it packs the right amount of punch without making you reach for lemon to wedge in your pucker. 

Save room for the sweet stuff. Churros can be hit or miss, but are always ordered as a vehicle for the cajeta (sweetened caramelized milk). You could drink it, if only it were socially acceptable. People rave about their paletas, like lime pie coated in graham crumbs. Again, messy < delicious. 

Staying true to their roots, with your receipt comes one of their prints, signed and numbered. If you got it, flaunt it. 


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