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October 1, 2012

Suburban: Osmow's Grill

There are few things I love more than shawarma. My love affair with Osmow's Grill has outlasted my previous three relationships; now that is commitment.

In my little town of Streetsville (the village in the heart of the "city"- nice try Mississauga), there are few joints to choose from beyond your small town staples of Tim Hortons and pizza places. And in Streetsville there is no shortage of pizza- or budget nail salons, but that is beyond the point. My first rendez-vous with Osmow's was in high school, about the time when my crew became such regulars that our names alone stood in place of our orders. The Erin? Regular chicken shawarma, only lettuce, medium spice with extra garlic sauce. That, and a dessert of much needed breath mints.

Go expecting a line! Though the town may have only have 48,000 residents we evidently love our shawarma, because there is bound to be a line-up to the back door at lunch, dinner, or pretty much any time you are there. You can always call ahead to order 905 826-6021 before you trek down Thomas Street. City folks, listen up! They have opened a new location in the past weeks at 155 John Street, just off of Queen. (I'll spare you the GO ride)

Now while they do have more on the menu- with traditional dishes like fattouch salad, falafel and baklava- the shawarma is the star attraction at a $5 flat. The student special is under $7 and comes with fries and pop. Deliciously spiced meat carved off a spit, wrapped inside a pita and topped with a bevvy of veggies before hitting the grill- this dish is simple, yet flavourful. Careful with your spice level. Though you may feel a little white bread for not going full-fledged hot, those last few bites are an inferno stoked by a spice-loving demon. 

When I was there last, I spied with my little eye a wonder I could barely comprehend. Shawarma meat, sauce, more sauce and french fries. They called it a shawarma poutine. I called it love at first sight, all over again. 


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