Suburban Girl Eats: From Big City Eats to Hometown Favourites

September 4, 2012

Burger Love

This Sunday, the world record for the largest bacon cheeseburger was set in Carlton, Minnesota. That barbecued baby weighed in at over a tonne, measuring about three metres in diameter. Moreover, that's 27 kilograms of bacon, 23 kilograms of lettuce, 23 kilograms of sliced onions, 18 kilograms of pickles and 18 kilograms of cheese, according to this article from the Toronto Star. 

Rewind a few weekends ago and competitive eater Furious Pete demolished a 12x12 (that ladies and gentlemen is twelve patties with, you guessed it, twelve slices of cheese) at Burger Priest. 

People are burger crazed. Me on the other hand- not so much! To put it in context, I was always the chicken nugget kid. If we want to talk way back, play back I was actually a McDonalds pizza kid!

Sporting the war paint, but too *chicken* for the burger. 

I have never eaten a burger at the Golden Arches.  Not a Big Mac, nor a Quarter Pounder and, god forbid, never an Angus! Yet despite not being in Ronald's good books, there are a few burger joints between here and the big city that I will chow down at. 

Urban: W Burger Bar
Located at College and Yonge, W Burger Bar serves up some awesome patties and sure, the $2 shots don't hurt either. In the burger department, you can pick from traditional beef, health-conscious turkey, lamb and more, then go nuts with the toppings. For the ho-hum, there is the burger trifecta (ketchup, mustard, relish), but the more creative can load up on more unusual fixings like tzatziki, beets and cranberries. Just please not together.

Suburban: Licks
It probably has everything to do with the GUK sauce, but Licks is my weakness in the suburban burger department. From the staff singing your order to the ice cream shoppe, I always make sure to save time (and room in my belly) for Licks during a stint of Christmas shopping. 

Honourable Mention: Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Honestly, the best thing here isn't even the burgers. The humble french fry has always been the burger's best companion, allowing their juicy partner to steal the spotlight. At Five Guys, their regular fries serves four, easily! So forgo the diet, rip open that greasy bag o' fries and dig in. 

Where to next? My next burger to conquer has to be from The Works. There is something about a PB, bacon and banana burger that intrigues me. Call me a freak, but who doesn't want a "Hunka, Hunka Burnin' Love"?

Confession: Also have never had a PB & banana sandwich. 


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