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September 28, 2012

Urban: Donut vs. Doughnut Part 2

The Doughnut

Gloryhole DoughnutsScoff all you want at the name, or at the fact that I brought my mother to Gloryhole- you are missing out if you haven't ventured down to this Parkdale establishment. If backdoor donuts aren't your thing, you just are a streetcar ride away from bliss.

Their blackboard features the rotating menu: from a traditional Cinnamon Sugar, classic Cookies and Cream to more kooky Bread and Butter, or morning appropriate Beer-flavoured doughnut (made with Kensington Brewing Co. beer-flavoured frosting). 

I got the king of doughtnuts- the Elvis with Marshmallow ($4.50). My affliction with bacon probably requires therapy at this point. Peanut butter frosting, banana chips and bacon topped with a homemade marshmallow: you don't need me to tell you how great it was. In the name of research, I also indulged in the pretzel topping, chocolate glazed doughnut ($3.50). After all, one needs to be well-rounded (in their doughnut selection, not their body shape...)

Elvis is in the building. Thank you, thank you very much. 

This may be urban legend, but rumour has it you can add bacon to any doughnut for only a dollar. With me as a customer, there may soon be a piggy shortage- sorry veggies!

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