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September 26, 2012

Urban: Donut vs. Doughnut Part 1

The Donut

Dough by Rachelle. There is something whimsy and top-secret about getting a donut out of the back door of a restaurant. Then again, maybe I am an optimist, riding upon my unicorn to work at Queen and Bathurst. When I was downtown for the summer, smack dab on my route were donuts- aww shucks!

Every Thursday starting at 8 am, donuts were served up fresh from the back door of Beast Restaurant. Rachelle posts her flavours on the @doughtoronto Twitter account the night before, with flavours like maple bacon and apple fritters as consistent favourites. I have noshed on those delights, as well as strawberry basil and balsamic hazelnut creations, all before lunchtime.

If you are lucky enough, you'll be there on an Ultimate Maple Bacon day. (I am personally not sure when anything with bacon isn't ultimate, however.) With a maple topping and bacon-y goodness crumble a la the traditional donut, but then kicked up a notch, oozing with a maple curd. Puts a Timmy's Boston Cream to shame, and totally worth the $3 price tag.

Now, if you are a little more donut-crazed, Sam James Coffee Bar will now be serving up her sugary wonders on the weekend, according to the Grid.


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